Our second excursion out into Ireland took us to Connemara. Connemara is a district in west Ireland that has amazing landscapes and landmarks.





The beginning of our journey took us to a few roadside stops and a look at the fjord. The fjord was an amazing view with the mountains being broken apart by the water.


When we first pulled over to take photos of the fjord, the weather was overcast but not raining. I decided not to wear my jacket as it had been warm in the bus. As we got closer to the water, the wind started to pick up and i began to regret my no jacket decision. My view of the water was quickly obstructed by my hair blowing crazily in the wind and the rain that soon followed. Within a matter of minutes heavy drops began to fall.



One of the greatest things about bing in Ireland is how care free I feel. As the rain fell I didn’t care that I was getting wet or that I would surely be cold soon. I didn’t care that I had left my jacket in the bus because I was surrounded by such an amazing place with awesome people having the best time. I also knew there was a fire waiting for me in the pub we were going to, so that helped too.


I came into the pub and was greeted by friendly faces and that warm fire. Gaynor’s Bar has a tradition where if you come into the bar wearing a hat, you have to leave it. The woman said she has over a thousand hats. Many of them were hanging on the ceiling and told the story of the many travelers who have made a pit stop in the same place as us. A Giants fan, representatives from states all across America, and a variety of colors were all present.


On our way to the Kylemore Abbey, we stopped by a fairy tree on the side of the road. Our bus driver explained that if you leave something on the tree and make a wish then it will be granted by the little fairy people. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything I felt I could part with, but it was fun to see other people make their wishes!


We then made our way to the Kylemore Abbey. The abby is incredibly grand and surrounded by grounds to explore. We spent the next two hours being taken back in time to when the abby was filled with nuns.




We walked through the gardens that were so beautifully manicured with blue accent doors and bridges that it felt peaceful and serene. After lunch in the restaurant, we went to explore the church that was built on the grounds. This was one of the most beautiful parts of our tour. I am not a very religious person, but there was a sort of energy when we walked into the church. It was so beautifully built and preserved that you couldn’t help but to be quiet.



The church was built by a man in memorial after his wife, Margaret’s death. It was amazing to see the love someone had for another through such a grand and withstanding gesture.



As we continue to explore more of Ireland, I love learning about the history and developing a deeper connection to the place I am calling home for the next four months!

Check out this video of our trip to Connemara!


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