Our first stop in Utah was in Salt Lake City. I had heard about how you are able to float in the Salt Lake and how great of an experience this was. After hearing this, I knew I wanted to experience it for myself.

By the time we got to Salt Lake City it was lunch time. We found a shopping center with a food court and got our meal to go, hoping we could eat it at the Salt Lake.

Unfortunately, the Salt Lake was nowhere to be seen. To be honest, I had assumed the lake would be visible from the city, but as we looked around, we only saw some hills.

After asking at the information center, we learned that we had managed to drive right past the lake. The man told us that we absolutely had to go the Antelope Island for the best experience. After mapping it on google and finding that it would take us about an hour and a half out of our way, we began the search for a closer place.

We took a turn off the highway and found a lookout. When we pulled up, we were shocked to see about a mile of lake bed where water would usually be.

The Great Salt Lake
The Great Salt Lake

After eating our lunch, we began the trek to the lake. After carefully stepping over animal remains, we finally made it to the water. It was definitely dirtier than we thought it would be, but we put out feet in, just to get a little bit of the experience. Our feet did float and it was an incredibly unique, salty feeling.

The Great Salt Lake
The Great Salt Lake

Although we did not fully go in, we crossed it off our bucket lists and decided to continue on our way because we had some arches to see in Moab.

The alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. the next day and my eyes drowsily opened and glanced out the window to darkness. There are very few reasons to get up that early, but watching the sun rise over Arches National Park is one of them.

Located in Moab, Utah, Arches is vast and grand, somewhat similar to the Grand Canyon. Each formation has its own unique features with specific times of day to visit.

The highlight of our trip was a formation entitled the North Window. Although the park’s website says this formation is best seen at sunset, it is just as breathtaking during sunrise.

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day” -Henry David Thoreau

The towering formation has an opening in the middle through which the sun illuminates as it rises. The glow reflects the red of the rock which contrasts with the blue hues in the sky.

North Window
North Window

The most well-known formation is called the Delicate Arch, which is featured on the Utah license plate. This formation is beautiful and best seen during sunset. It is about a three mile hike roundtrip for the best view, but it can be seen from two different viewpoints.

Several days are recommended to experience the whole park and take time at each location. To keep on schedule we only had an evening and a morning before we had to head to Colorado.

Although we were on a tight schedule we were still able to see most of the formations.

If you only have a day these are the must see formations.

  • Delicate Arch
  • North Window
  • Double Arch
  • Broken Arch
  • Sand Dune Arch

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