After saying goodbye to Colorado, we were on to the most dreaded part of our journey. The only thing we knew about Kansas was that it is incredibly flat and the only remotely interesting thing we could find to do online was a Wizard of Oz museum.

Kansas Visiting Center
Kansas Visiting Center

Because of our late start in Colorado, we decided to skip the museum and just power through Kansas.

As we drove through Kansas on the incredibly straight I-70 we were surrounded by homemade anti-abortion signs and large Jesus billboards. It felt like the road would never end and we needed something to lift our spirits.

After 24 hours in the car we felt as though we had listened to every song of the 2000s and we still had another 24 hours to go.

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of a road trip. Long drives can feel shorter with the right music. It can also help keep the driver awake and focused. But what should you listen to when you get tired of music? Podcasts.

Prior to leaving for our trip my travel companion, Daniel, downloaded a podcast called “Throwing Shade.” This Podcast was directed toward ladies and gays, which made us the perfect audience.

This podcast made our trip through Kansas bearable as we laughed at their ridiculous banter and hilarious guests.

There are several things to consider when picking entertainment for a road trip:

  • Have a variety of music. It may seem like a good idea to listen to Taylor Swift the whole way, but after listening 10 times in a row it might get old.
  • Look for other sources of entertainment. Comedy? Sports? Celebrities? There’s a podcast for anything.
  • Don’t rely on the radio. Stations change state to state and there are many dead spots along the way.

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