There is nothing like arriving to your final destination after sitting in a car for six days straight. Our excitement grew as we counted down the hours and minutes to our destination. As soon as we arrived in Savannah, we felt a little bit of relief. Knowing that we wouldn’t be spending hours on end in the car anymore was exciting, but it was a little bittersweet. Although the road trip portion of our adventure was over, we still had plenty of time to explore Savannah.

Savannah is incredibly different from Portland. It felt like I was taking a step back to another era of cobble stone streets and historical buildings. Of course there are still modern day amenities like cars and fast food, but there are also horse drawn carriages.

Savannah is a unique city that was built on top of graves. Because of this the sidewalks often bulge up from the coffins making it almost impossible not to trip while waling down the street. I made it almost three days with out tripping but alas my luck ran out when my toe caught on a crack in the cobblestone.

Tree lined runway
Tree lined runway

Savannah has a distinct feel and is filled with southern charm. The branches of the trees twist and curl around each other like a girl who just woken up and has yet to brush her hair. Moss hangs off the trees in an eery yet beautiful way as you wander through the many squares that are scattered throughout the city. I felt as though I was walking down a tree lined runway every time I walked down the street.

Savannah Trees
Savannah Trees

One of the advantages of Savannah’s location is how close it is to the beach. A quick 20 minute drive lands you on Tybee Island. As I walked out onto the beach I was automatically transported to a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Tybee Island
Tybee Island

While Savannah is known as a historic and beautiful city, it is also undergoing some big changes. As my friend Daniel says, Hollywood is moving to Savannah. One of the many movies filmed in the area was Magic Mike 2. As we wandered down the beach we found ourselves on the same bench Channing Tatum had swung on a scene in the movie. It was interesting to think about what Savannah’s role is in today’s world. It plays several different roles today. It is a touristy city where people can be taken back in time, but it’s also the place where the second Spongebob Movie was filmed.

This was a great place to end our trip because it was so different from where we started. We had seen the landscape of the U.S. change before our eyes and saw more sights in six days then some people may see in their whole lives. A road trip is a great way to see as much of a country like the U.S. as possible and will provide an endless amount of memories.


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