As we drove through the Rocky Mountains, we were in awe of the vastness of the mountains that surrounded us. Colorado is unique in the landscape it presents to the passengers who drive through.

As we slowly wound through the mountains, we experienced the crazy weather that is unique to Colorado. We went in and out of downpour to sunshine and back frequnetly until we came out on the other side of the mountain to flat land. We then made our way to Parker, our final destination for the day.

The Rocky Mountains

In order to make cross country road trips less expensive, try to find free places to stay such as with friends and family. Daniel and I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Colorado. Aside from being a free place to stay, as locals they were also able to show us some places we may not have been able to see otherwise.

My aunt and uncle decided to take Daniel and I hiking the next day. We went to Castlewood Canyon, a beautiful hike less than 20 minutes away.

Castlewood Canyon
Castlewood Canyon

Our time in Colorado was not without issue though. Prior to going on our hike, Daniel had locked his keys in the car. I guess if we were to lock the keys in the car, this was the best place to do it. As we waited for almost two hours for roadside assistance, I found appreciative to be able to go with the flow rather than being annoyed. We made it work and even though it put us several hours behind schedule, we were still able to do everything we wanted for the day.


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