Travel Companion

Travel companions can make or break a road trip. Being stuck in the car with someone for hours on end can be the great or it can be horrible. When planning on going on a road trip, make sure you are prepared to be entertained by the person you are traveling with. There are several aspects of travel that you and your travel companion must be compatible with including entertainment, sleep schedule and how you handle unexpected situations.

I was fortunate enough to have a great travel partner for my cross country road trip. Daniel and I have been friends for years, but this trip was going to be a real test. As we embarked on our trip, it didn’t take long for me to realize we were going to be fine.

Our similar taste in music (Pop2K is a great satellite radio station) and podcasts, which made our trip much more enjoyable. The real test of our partnership came when we had an unexpected blip in our plan. While we didn’t set out with any specific plans, we did want to get through Kansas in one day. Before we were to leave Colorado to begin our journey, we were going to go on a hike.

Daniel and I still smiling after six days on the road
Daniel and I still smiling after six days on the road

We had decided to try and do something in each of the states we went through and this was it. Everything was going according to plan until Daniel locked his keys in the car. After waiting about two hours for roadside assistance we were ready to go. While this inconvenience may have thrown off the whole day for some people, Daniel and I left it behind and decided to do everything we had planned for the day.

Although this put us back a few hours, neither of us seemed to mind. Traveling with someone who can go with the flow is incredibly important and I was lucky enough to find that person.


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