Sour patch pick-me-up

Driving across the country is no small feat. There are a lot of things to think about , but most importantly, you have think about what will make you happy when driving up to nine hours a day. For some it might be the kind of music you listen to. For others it might be how comfortable the seat your sitting in is. For many it will be the number of stops you take and how to plan those accordingly (the middle of nowhere has fewer bathrooms than one might think). But for me it was sour patch kids. Yes you read that right, sour patch kids were incredibly important.

Yes all of those other things were important too, but when I think of driving across the country, one of the first things that pops into my head is the soury, chewy goodness of those small multi-colored candies.

It may seem like such a small insignificant part of travel when you think of everything else there is to worry about (hotels, gas, getting lost), but trust me, a good pick-me-up is just as important.

Once the three hour mark hits, there is undoubtedly a lull in the drive. Three hours into our drive typically placed us in very rural areas with few scenic changes and we began to get tired. As soon as we felt our eyes get heavy we knew what we needed. Sour patch kids. As soon as we had eaten a handful of these we knew we could conquer the 5-6 hours ahead of us. Or at least make it until we needed another handful.

How many bags of sour patch kids will get you across the country? Well we didn’t mess around and bought the big bag. The sour patch slogan is right- “sour. sweet. gone.” And gone they were. While it may seem like that should be enough for two people over six days, it was not. One 30oz. bag can get you to St. Louis before it is time to restock.

No everyone may be interested in sour patch kids, but the point is keeping something on hand that will give you the extra energy you need as you drive through corn field after corn field is incredibly important. There are also healthy options that can have a similar effect.


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