Appreciation of other cultures

As I drove through the flat lands of Kansas, I was taken aback at how different the culture was. I was surrounded by homemade ant-abortion signs and elaborate billboards of Jesus.

I couldn’t imagine seeing this sight in the Portland metro area where I grew up my whole life. Even though I was only 1,500 miles away from home, it felt like another world. Seeing how prominent vocal conservative views are in the midwest made me realize how different it is in Portland.

I was able to appreciate that while people are welcome to express their beliefs, they are not forcing them upon others.

Some cultures make you appreciate your own more or they can make you think of it in a different way. It can also make you appreciate the traditions of another culture or think of ways yours could be better.

I was able to have this experience on a micro level within the country I call home. Others are able to experience it oversees. Traveling to other countries can change your perspective and allow you to think of things you may not have thought of before.

Abby Ernst has had the opportunity to travel to Ireland, England, Canada, Spain and Italy. In her experience she has seen traditions that differ from those she sees at home. In seeing these differences she is able to appreciate where she comes from. Abby says that the two countries she travelled to that were her favorite were Spain and Italy. She travelled to Spain with her family and she went to Italy with her choir to sing for the Pope.

Here Abby explains some of the differences between the U.S. and other countries she has visited.

Abby’s perspective on the U.S. has changed through her travels. She also explains why she thinks it’s important to travel.

There are many reasons to travel. Seeing other cultures and using that experience to better understand your own culture is one of the most important reasons.


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