Living Abroad

The first time I moved was when I moved into my college dorm room. I had lived in the same room in the same house in the same city my whole life. I was packing up 18 years worth of memories that had all happened in the same place.

I had travelled around the United States so I had a sense of other places and how other people live, but I was never in one place for a significant amount of time. Although I loved growing up where I did, I didn’t get to experience living in another culture for any length of time.

Kyle O’Leary lived in Lagos, Nigeria from 1999-2003. His mom, dad and brother moved from Washington to Nigeria so his parents could teach at the American school there. As an elementary schooler, Kyle’s childhood was shaped by this experience and has influenced who he is today. He was able to experience things he never would have if he had lived in Washington his whole life.

Not only was he able to experience African culture, but he was also able to travel throughout Africa and Europe. This gave him a broader understanding of the world and different cultures.

Here Kyle talks about how his time living in Nigeria made him more aware of cultural differences.

Here Kyle explains what it was like to live abroad and what he learned from his experience.

Living abroad can shape you into a more understanding and aware individual.


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