Inside view: San Fransisco

San Fransisco is a vibrant city full of culture and sight seeing. I have been lucky enough to visit this city twice and experienced it in several different capacities.

My first trip to the city was when I was in the sixth grade. My family went on a road tripped down to the bay area and did all the normal sightseeing—The Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermans Wharf and Alcatraz. I fell in love with the unique city, but didn’t feel like I got as much of an insiders perspective.

A rainy and foggy day at the Golden Gate Bridge
A rainy and foggy day at the Golden Gate Bridge

I got another opportunity to go back my freshman year of college through the Alternative Spring Break program at Linfield College. This experience was vastly different than my first trip as we were volunteering at a Head Start pre-school. I was able to see what the daily life of a person in San Fransisco is like and develop a connection not just to landmarks of a city, but to the people.

When the pre-school went on a field trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge, it didn’t feel like I was a cliche tourist, but like I was seeing the city from the perspective of a resident.

Although I felt a deeper connection to the city, I was still only there for a week, which is not enough time to experience a city as exciting as San Fransisco.

To really know what it is like to experience San Fransisco and to know the ins and outs, one must talk to a person who has lived there. An insiders perspective can give a lot more information than a person who visited for a week.

Emma Beuerman is a Junior at Linfield and a San Fransiscan. Emma loves to talk about her city and share why she loves the place she calls home.

San Fransisco has many unique neighborhoods with exciting things to do.

She has also noticed a lot of changes in her community due to the many technology headquarters near San Fransisco.


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