Soarin’ Over Alaska

After a 3 hour drive to Seattle and a 2 hour flight to Ketchikan, Ala., we were almost to our final destination. The only thing standing in our way was a body of water.

Southeast Alaska is unique in that a good portion of it is made up of islands. Getting to these islands proves to be a difficult, particularly when you are going to a town with a population of around 490 people. The only ways to get on and off the island are by ferry and float plane. We were traveling in style a.k.a by float plane.

The float plane we rode in
The float plane we rode in

As we stood on the dock and watched the plane float to the edge, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people could fit in the tiny cabin. The 6 of us who were scheduled for the first flight loaded our luggage into the tiny back space and packed ourselves in.

As the bottom of the plane skimmed the water and we lifted off, I was taken aback by the beauty Alaska has to offer and immediately forgot about the tight quarters we were traveling in.

We were traveling in style a.k.a float plane.

Have you ever been on Soarin’ Over California? Well flying in a float plane is the Alaska version of that ride.

As we glided in the air toward Prince of Wales Island, our eyes got wide as we were greeted with mountains and clear blue water. This was the Alaska I had always pictured and there wasn’t a more perfect way to experience it.


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