Beach time, Rain or Shine

The sun is shining and the water is glittering. Bikinis and bare chests are abundant and then doom rolls in to envelope what was a paradise just five minutes prior.

When we arrived to the beach the sun rays of the sun made the sand so hot we had to tip toe our way across. We set up our beach blankets and removed unnecessary clothing layers and laid back to embrace our last few days of summer.

The sun shining on the Oregon coast
The sun shining on the Oregon coast

Our eyes were closed and our skin was just beginning to tan when we felt a change in the air. When we opened our eyes, the sky darkened and thick white fog began rolling in.

The weather on the Oregon coast can best be described as bipolar. While the temperature is rarely scorching— and even if it does, the water will always cool you off— people flock to the coast to relax in the sun.

The biggest struggle with going to the beach is that you never know what you’re going to get.

So how do you cope with these weather mood swings?

  1. Layers. If you’re an Oregonian, layers are your best friend. When packing your bag for a day trip, make sure you have a sweatshirt or blanket to cover up with when the ocean breeze rolls in.
  2. Wait it out. The weather can be very temperamental and that drizzle that may seem like the end of your beach day now will probably be gone in under an hour.
  3. Use it as a chance to find a cool shelter. There are so many makeshift huts and caves along the coast, so find one to take cover in.

The change in weather can lead to other fun adventures so don’t be afraid to change your plans or dance in the rain!


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