Story of the Sky

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the sky. Yes, most people enjoy a good sunset and those who are willing to drag themselves out of bed may see a few great sunsets, but it goes beyond appreciating a few pink clouds for me.

The sky is everywhere, but is so different depending on where you are and what time it is. It tells a story for that place, like a short narrative of that particular place as you look along the horizon.


The story can be that of the raging wildfires in Eastern Oregon that cut through the clear blue sky. This image tells the story of people being displaced from their homes and firefighters risking their lives to stop the spreading flames.


The soft glow of the sunset reflected on a vast wheat field with electric windmills breaking through tells the story of agriculture and sustainability. This sunset was so eye catching we had to pull over just to appreciate it and bask in the tranquility it brought.


The puffy white clouds over portland tell the story of a bright day in a bustling city. The simplicity of the sky contradicts with the intricacy of one way streets and high-rise buildings.

No matter where you are, you see the same sky. It just tells a different story.


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