Starting Your Morning Off Right: Brunch

Brunch is a favorite meal on shows like How I Met Your Mother, so now you can find a favorite place to start your Sunday morning!


The smell of bacon and french toast fills the air in and around the Wildwood Cafe just off Third Street in McMinnville, Ore. Not a single chair is empty as more eager foodies wait for a table in the warm Sunday morning sun.

This eclectic eatery is a favorite among McMinnville locals, college students and visitors. Not an inch of space is spared on the walls. Cooking utensils hang from the ceiling. The small space is warm and welcoming and the food keeps people coming back for more.

“The food is great and consistent,” says McMinnville local Susanne Sayles.

Wildwood Cafe is the place to be on any given Sunday morning. People constantly run into each other as they wait for their table.


“There is always a familiar face,” says Sayles “It’s a small community.”

The lunch and breakfast spot isn’t only for those living in McMinnville; visitors love it too. Robyn Aoyagi of Portland comes with her family any time they are in the area for wine tasting. The family loves the restaurant so much that they spent their first Mother’s Day there.

“We like the food and the decor, it’s fun.” Aoyagi says.

A trip to the Wildwood Cafe would not be complete without ordering the Wildwood Toast. The cafe’s twist on classic french toast is made on homemade bread covered in oats has a crunch on the outside with a soft middle. The toast is so thick that a to-go box is almost a necessity after eating the first slice.

This McMinnville staple continues to draw customers back for more.

“We come every couple of weeks,” Sayles explains, adding that she grew up coming to the restaurant.

The Wildwood Cafe has good food in a quirky environment for regulars and those visiting from out of town.

Wildwood Cafe is located at 319 N. Baker St. and can be reached at (503) 435-1454. They are open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.


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